Welcome to LyonHacks III, a 60-hour hackathon!

LyonHacks III will start on April 7th at noon (12:00PM) and will end on April 9th at 11:59PM.

A hackathon is a programming competition that challenges teams to design and pitch a software application to our panel of judges. During LyonHacks III, teams will create a code-based project that falls under one of the themes, to be released at the start of the competition period. The hackathon will also feature workshops and guest speakers to help build useful skills.

All Ontario high school students ages 14-18 are invited to compete, forming teams of up to 4 students. In addition, there will be many prizes to be won from our collaboration with Project Metropolis!

Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD200 in prizes

First Place

Second Place


Most Functional

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Bernie Chen

Hazel Guo

Hazel Guo

James Huynh

Luka Jovanovic

Ryan Atlas

Catherine Makarytchev

Patrick Lin

Chelsea Wong

Chelsea Wong

Jimmy Liu

Ken Shibata

Ken Shibata

Judging Criteria

  • Technical Complexity
    How technically complex is your project?
  • Thematic Relevance
    How relevant is your project to one of the various provided themes?
  • Creativity
    How creative is your project?
  • Usability
    How practical is your project for everyday usage?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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